About the Basset Hound
About PBHC
Potomac Basset Hound Club
Breeder List
PBHC members breed occasionally. If you are interested in getting a puppy, you
should contact them directly. Prices for Basset Hound puppies vary between
breeders, but expect to pay between $650-$1000 for a PET quality puppy. Even
though members breed to show, there are usually pet quality puppies in every

Before contacting any breeder, please read "How to tell a Good Breeder" by
clicking on the box below. Or click here to go to Aboutdogs.com and read about
"Buying a Puppy - Responsible Breeders versus Pet Store Puppies."
Occasionally a breeder will have an older puppy or adult dog that they wish to
place in a pet home. These dogs are usually "beauty school" drop outs or
finished champions that the breeder has decided not to keep. These are often
beautiful bassets that have been socialized and house trained. Check with our
Club Secretary about availability.

Contact Breeder Referral about upcoming or currently available litters.
DEMAND AKC PAPERS. Breeders who register their puppies with the AKC will
meet AKC standards in breeding.
If you are not set on a puppy, you might consider adopting from basset
rescue. Click on the box to visit Basset Rescue of Old Dominion, Inc. to learn more
about rescue and what is available.
What you should know about Breeders and the Animal Rights Movement.